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If you were to conduct a personal research, you will discover that about two thirds of any selected population of campus students spends most of their phone time in social media platforms. These are the platforms we use to message and communicate through in campus. Other than providing for communication, social media platforms also provide us with the current trends especially on celebrities. Still on the same line of argument, we use phones and free campus Wi-Fi to search on our favorite historical figures. It is not without a cause. Often enough, our professors assign us the task biography writing.

What is biography writing?

Biography writing mainly includes descriptions of a certain identified character’s life, legacy and contribution. The writing mainly takes two forms; the long and short biographies. For the short ones, basic details of the characters life are documented. For the longer ones, more details are given. Long biographies sometimes call the dedication of whole books.

What to include in biography writing

Since I have had to write and read various biographies, I have come across some recurring characteristics for each of them. They include:

  • The name of the character being written about must be included. Here, some writers go ahead to give other names that the characters went by.
  • The place of birth and the places that character lived in later years. If you have the freedom of space, include all the important travels mad and the dates of the travels and migrations. The marital, religious and political beliefs are also necessary.
  • The particular contributions associated with the character. The best way to go about this is start from early years to until death (if dead). This is the main body of biography writing. Ensure to get as much information as you can from various sources. Good biographies try to investigate a particular contribution that is not known to many people. You can also include major controversies in such cases as controversial inventions.
  • What the society gained from the life of the character. Here, you can divide the sections in different categories, for example religion, philosophy, science, art and so on.
    You can also tell of how the society would probably have been without the particular character.
  • Personal take on the character; this should also provide for the reason why the take is as it is.

Why I recommend biography writing help

It is not easy to cover the life of a person in an essay or even a book. For this reason, I prefer biography writing help. Such services help me arrange my ideas well enough to fit in the provided space. Biography writing service also introduces me to some facts I never knew about the character. Still on the same, I get to know if some other biographies have been developed, which I can use a referencing sources. In most of my personal and assigned biography writing tasks, I always ensure to consult different online biography writing services. Other than adding on my knowledge, they also help me earn good marks in my assigned essays.