Best Expository Essay – How to Write a Grade Winning Expository Essay.

I have heard many good experiences with my college essay writing and reading lessons. For example, I can vividly remember the day we were introduced to expository essays. Just like he was used to, our professor entered the class, his glasses on and the professor look on. Without bothering to engage in any form of greetings, he went ahead and wrote on the board ‘mars would prove a better home to humans than earth’. Immediately he was through with the writing, debates had started to spark all over the class room. Without much explanation, the professors instructed that we write an expository essay on the same.

What is an expository essay?

In the above case for example, we were required to get the meaning of the statement, evaluate bon how true or false is and give supporting evidence on the same. The best way to achieve this would by comparing (earth and mars in our case). Here only the already proven facts should be used.

How to write an expository essay

Our professor never made it very easy for us when introducing new ideas. It was for the better however. Of the many skills I have acquired in the essay writing genre today, I can attribute most to his tough teaching techniques. Since I have had to write various expository essay examples, I have come up with a guideline on how to write an expository essay for college exams:

  • Stating the topic – The first paragraph of the essay should be dedicated to introducing the reader to the topic. For example, the ‘mars would a better home to humans than earth’ would be the topic to be introduced.
  • Introduce develop and conclude your argument – This form of writing helps you to come with a good flow in terms of developing you supporting ideas. For my case, I prefer writing the body, conclude then write an introduction that will cater for all that I have written.
  • Factual evidence – There is a lot of information that can be accessed about mars and earth, which can be used for or against the idea of mars being a better home to humans. Use that information and not fictitious information like the existence of aliens in mars.
  • Be creative – After you have developed a certain idea on basis of pure facts, too much seriousness is associated to the expository essay. Produce a break by coming up with a creative possibly humorous by the way fact. It will help break the tension.
  • Get online and professional expository essay help – for most of my first write expository essay assignments, I preferred to go for online sites, which offered to write my expository essay from scratch. I largely did not have an idea of what to include or exclude, due to the briefly explained tough teaching skills adopted by our professor. The best thing with him is that he always and very much invited any clarifications on expository essay. I can confidently say that his professional help I got from my professor and online sites offering expository essay examples did help me a lot.