Art History Paper Writing Guidelines – Online Art History Paper Help.

In high school, we learned the art (literature) and history as two different subjects. I personally liked the two subjects much. I, therefore, decide to enroll in an art history course in college.

What is an art history paper?

To understand art history, it is good to get the individual meanings of the two terms separately. Art, as used here refers to images, paintings and all the means of representing real life in recorded media. History basically refers to the past events and interactions that have in one way or the other affected the particular art in question. When an art piece is analyzed on the basis of its history, an art history paper is written to report on the findings.

Art history paper writing guidelines

Never attempt to write an art history paper without clear guidelines as to what that paper entails. Here are some of the basic guidelines to follow:

Get clear instructions as to which category of art history papers your assignments needs you to write. There are five forms, which get tested in individual assignments. However, writing a resume can be an assignment for HR class.
When you are required to formally analyze a piece of art, just discuss the physical attributes of the art piece. Tell of how smooth or rough the piece is, the color in which It appears and such. You can search on the internet for physical attributes of a piece of art.
An art history paper may require you to examine the style of a piece of art. Here, you will be required to identify a certain style, and then move on to discuss ways in which the style has been captured in the art piece.
Another form in which art history paper writing may be presented is iconography. This just requires you to identify and discuss a medieval style of presenting art pieces that have been used for that particular piece of art.
You can also be asked to examine the particular history of a certain piece of art. Here, lean much towards the times the piece has been auctioned or the museums that the piece has been in. generally, it will be on the basic history of the art. Evidently, it will require that you follow such history from the very first time the piece was created.
Finally, you can be asked to critically analyze a piece of art. Here, it will need you to think outside the physical aspects of the art. Does it relate to everyday life? Are there any lessons that can be learned from the piece? Such are the questions you will have yourself when writing an art history paper on criticism.
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